Prep Work: Build Your Vision
Week 1: The Core of a Healthier Lifestyle - HABITS
Week 2: Building the Habit of Mindfulness
Week 3: Building a Positive Relationship with Food
Week 4: Elevating Internal Confidence
Week 5: Establishing Discipline and Intrinsic Motivation
Week 6: Making Your New Lifestyle SUSTAINABLE

Mindfulness Video Lesson

Welcome to Week 2

We cannot change our habits, thoughts, emotions or actions until we become aware of them.

One of the most powerful ways to practice awareness is to learn how to pause, observe and reflect in the present moment.

This is the primary focus of mindfulness and meditation; observing ourselves in the present.

Through this lesson, you’ll learn:

– The principles of mindfulness
– Practice of stillness and focusing the mind
– How to meditate
– Simple steps to improve your mental well-being

Build 1 Mindfulness habit into your week and practice it 2-3 times within your week