Prep Work: Build Your Vision
Week 1: The Core of a Healthier Lifestyle - HABITS
Week 2: Building the Habit of Mindfulness
Week 3: Building a Positive Relationship with Food
Week 4: Elevating Internal Confidence
Week 5: Establishing Discipline and Intrinsic Motivation
Week 6: Making Your New Lifestyle SUSTAINABLE

Discipline Video Lesson

Welcome to Week 5: Establishing Discipline and Intrinsic Motivation

Much like confidence, discipline is an active commitment. Lucky for us, disciplines do become habits over time.

This lesson is going to give you insight into how discipline is built in all areas of life and what is required to build discipline in and with your fitness journey. 

In this lesson you’ll learn: 

  • The value of discipline
  • The three forms of discipline required to create a sustainable lifestyle
  • The push you need to make building discipline a priority

Watch this to prepare to step into the next season of your journey!