Prep Work: Build Your Vision
Week 1: The Core of a Healthier Lifestyle - HABITS
Week 2: Building the Habit of Mindfulness
Week 3: Building a Positive Relationship with Food
Week 4: Elevating Internal Confidence
Week 5: Establishing Discipline and Intrinsic Motivation
Week 6: Making Your New Lifestyle SUSTAINABLE

Confidence Video Lesson

Welcome to Week 4: Elevating Internal Confidence

Confidence is not a trait that some have and others do not. Confidence comes as a byproduct of the way you think of, talk to, and exude yourself, which are all habits and can be adjusted.

This lesson is going to give you the framework to start assessing and actively changing your internal dialogue so that you can elevate your confidence.

In this lesson you’ll learn:

  • The difference between body and body image
  • The steps to take to assess and shift internal dialogue
  • The framework to build a positive relationship with yourself

Enjoy and get ready to step outside of your comfort zone!