Our Philosophy

Fitness isn’t just about developing a body, it’s about building an active, healthy life.


What Makes The Fitness Project Different

Over the last 5 years, we have worked with 100’s of clients & logged over 10,000 hours of coaching calls and sessions.

What we’ve learned is that at the core of each fitness journey is something deeper than a desire to lose weight & see abs.

For most people, fitness is about FEELING and BEING better; physically, mentally, and emotionally.

When we look better & feel better, we show up more powerfully in the other areas of our life.

The only problem is that most people don’t approach fitness with this mindset…


Why The Fitness Project Exists

The fitness industry keeps people stuck in their poor habits by peddling impractical dieting advice, unrealistic workouts, and they often miss the most important part of the equation: YOU.

Oftentimes, YOU are forced to mold yourself to a program, rather than the plan being molded to you.

At The Fitness Project, we know you can get into great shape, you just need the proper guidance, program, and sense of accountability to help you change. 

That’s what we’re here for YOU.

To help YOU get fit, shift your mindset, and become better than you ever believed possible.


Brian Pickowicz

Brian’s love for fitness started back when he was in college. He had always been an athlete, but knew he needed to push himself to new heights in order to play college football; this is when he found the sport of bodybuilding.

After spending several years competing across the country, he knew he wanted to make the shift to living a healthier, fuller life.

He became a practitioner of meditation, deepened his understanding of habit change, and began competing as an endurance athlete.

Today, Brian is a truly gifted coach who has a deep passion for helping others find a sustainable lifestyle of health and joy. He has seen the pain that having poor health, habits, and a lack of emotional awareness can have on your life and uses his coaching as an avenue to show people the power that comes with embracing a lifestyle of health and fitness.

What brings him joy: Learning more, working with powerful leaders, and The Beatles.


Lindsey Rago

Lindsey started her journey of health and fitness by losing 40lbs and diving into the bodybuilding industry as a bikini athlete after countless years of poor eating, struggling with body image, and low self-confidence.

Once she reached the national level of her craft, she began shifting her focus to optimizing her health and performance.

It was in this season that she cultivated habits that keep her emotions, mind, AND body aligned – meditation, learning and yoga, to name a few.

Lindsey loves to teach her clients how to own their lives and take care of themselves in a balanced, focused, and joyful way. She teaches them how to train their mind and their body in order to create the ultimate form of confidence – one that is unshakeable.

What brings her Joy: Movement of all kinds (dancing specifically), hot beverages, learning, cooking, adventure and her darling, Brian.


Jules Deignan

Certifications: B.S. in Nutrition & Wellness, Master’s in Public Health, NASM CPT

I am Coach Julia. I have been a coach for The Fitness Project since 2019.

Prior to working as an Online Health and Wellness coach, I was a full time Personal Trainer at Equinox in New York City. I studied at Boston University to become a Master of Public Health, and earned a B.S. in Nutrition & Wellness from the University of New Hampshire. In addition to my higher education, I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

I personally fell in love with fitness through strength training and powerlifting, and have ran two half marathons. I love moving my body outside; running, hiking, and walking! When I’m not coaching my clients, I love to explore local restaurants with my boyfriend, spend time with family, and my two kitties: Pickles and Honey.

I’m most passionate about teaching women how to balance everything in their life, and increase their capacity, so they can THRIVE beyond their daily responsibilities. Seeing the fire light within my clients’ eyes when they reach a new strength goal in the gym, or sign up for their first race, brings me so much pride. I work with a wide array of women who have various goals including: losing weight and changing their body composition, becoming the strongest most powerful version of themselves, and creating a healthy balanced lifestyle. Once their potential and capacity is expanded, we take their goals to the next level!


Katelyn Gannon

Certifications: B.A in Physical Education, NASM CPT, PN1-NC, BCS

I am Coach Katelyn. I have been a coach for The Fitness Project for two years. Prior to working as an Online Health and Wellness coach for The Fitness Project, I was a Personal Trainer for six years. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology from Bridgewater State University, in addition to multiple certifications.

 I have competed in seven bodybuilding bikini shows, five spartan races, three half mile marathons, and one full marathon. I love pushing myself to achieve my goals, inside and outside of fitness. My favorite hobbies include biking, reading, trying new restaurants/coffee shops, and exploring new cities with my husband and puppy.

 What I love most about my role as a coach is seeing my clients learn how to push themselves and help them discover their full potential. I have a passion for working with driven women who want to gain energy, increase their strength in the gym, and feel the most confident version of themselves. I have worked with various types of clients ranging from lifestyle to bikini competitors. It brings me so much joy to see my clients achieve their goals.


Stephen Gannon

Certifications: B.S. in Health & Fitness, NASM CPT, NASM PES, NASM NC, TRX Level 1 Trainer

I’m coach Stephen. I’ve been a coach for The Fitness Project for a year. Prior to working as an Online health & Wellness coach, I was a personal trainer for 8 years. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Health & Fitness from Worcester State University, in addition I have a Personal Training and Performance Enhancement Specialist certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I was an All-American track athlete in high school and a collegiate track & field athlete. 

I have competed in seven bodybuilding shows, five Spartan races, two half marathons and two marathons. Competing at a high level and achieving my goals gives me so much fulfillment. Outside of fitness, I enjoy biking, I’m a HUGE coffee lover, trying new restaurants and spending time with my wife and pup!  

Being a part of The Fitness Project family is amazing. I get to work with clients all over the world looking to push themselves in both health, wellness and personal development. I enjoy working with individuals who want to increase their strength, have more energy, and build the confidence they need to feel unstoppable. I’ve worked with so many different types of athletes ranging from lifestyle to runner to iron man athletes. What brings me so joy is seeing my clients achieve the goals they’ve always dreamt of.


Tami Serafino

I’m Tami, the Operations Manager for The Fitness Project. Prior to working with The Fitness Project, I worked as a  Paraprofessional for students with disabilities and an Office Manager for 8+ years.  While juggling being a mom, a business owner, and finishing my degree, I quickly realized that I absolutely love being in customer service, providing support, and being able to break something just to put it back together!

In high school I played softball, was a part of the ROTC, and played the bass (no not the guitar, that big thing that looks like a violin!). When I’m not working with The Fitness Project, being a mom, and or running my business, I love being on the beach, fishing, listening to music, cooking, tacos, and reading a good book.

Working with The Fitness Project inspires me to be my best self. As someone who has been both the client and a team member, I have seen both sides of what The Fitness Project is about. The work that is being done here is nothing less than pure! The passion our coaches have to help others is unmatched and I am so blessed and grateful to see the magic happen each and everyday!



We’re here to support you.