Our Philosophy

Fitness isn’t just about developing a body, it’s about building an active, healthy life.


What Makes The Fitness Project Different

Over the last 5 years, we have worked with 100’s of clients & logged over 10,000 hours of coaching calls and sessions.

What we’ve learned is that at the core of each fitness journey is something deeper than a desire to lose weight & see abs.

For most people, fitness is about FEELING and BEING better; physically, mentally, and emotionally.

When we look better & feel better, we show up more powerfully in the other areas of our life.

The only problem is that most people don’t approach fitness with this mindset…


Why The Fitness Project Exists

The fitness industry keeps people stuck in their poor habits by peddling impractical dieting advice, unrealistic workouts, and they often miss the most important part of the equation: YOU.

Oftentimes, YOU are forced to mold yourself to a program, rather than the plan being molded to you.

At The Fitness Project, we know you can get into great shape, you just need the proper guidance, program, and sense of accountability to help you change. 

That’s what we’re here for YOU.

To help YOU get fit, shift your mindset, and become better than you ever believed possible.


Brian Pickowicz

Brian’s love for fitness started back when he was in college. He had always been an athlete, but knew he needed to push himself to new heights in order to play college football; this is when he found the sport of bodybuilding.

After spending several years competing across the country, he knew he wanted to make the shift to living a healthier, fuller life.

He became a practitioner of meditation, deepened his understanding of habit change, and began competing as an endurance athlete.

Today, Brian is a truly gifted coach who has a deep passion for helping others find a sustainable lifestyle of health and joy. He has seen the pain that having poor health, habits, and a lack of emotional awareness can have on your life and uses his coaching as an avenue to show people the power that comes with embracing a lifestyle of health and fitness.

What brings him joy: Learning more, working with powerful leaders, and The Beatles.


Lindsey Rago

Lindsey started her journey of health and fitness by losing 40lbs and diving into the bodybuilding industry as a bikini athlete after countless years of poor eating, struggling with body image, and low self-confidence.

Once she reached the national level of her craft, she began shifting her focus to optimizing her health and performance.

It was in this season that she cultivated habits that keep her emotions, mind, AND body aligned – meditation, learning and yoga, to name a few.

Lindsey loves to teach her clients how to own their lives and take care of themselves in a balanced, focused, and joyful way. She teaches them how to train their mind and their body in order to create the ultimate form of confidence – one that is unshakeable.

What brings her Joy: Movement of all kinds (dancing specifically), hot beverages, learning, cooking, adventure and her darling, Brian.


Jules Deignan, MPH, CPT

Jules fell in love with fitness while studying for her Master’s in Public Health. She found it was time to elevate her own health and persona, in order to show up and educate as a leader in the health industry. After healing her relationship with food, she lost 40lbs and stepped up to a level of confidence she never knew was possible.

This experience led Jules to become certified as a Personal Trainer. She practiced her skills at a top tier fitness club in New York City, while running a meal prep service for her fellow Trainers and clients.

Jules’ driving focus is to guide as many people as possible through the same transformative love story with their own fitness journey.

What brings her joy: Powerlifting, running, coffee, fall in New England, cooking with loud music playing, and sharing a meal with friends or family.


Daniela Santos

Daniela is a Project Management and Human Resources professional with over 6 years of experience. With her organization, communication, and leadership skills, she has worked with different industries and excelled in team and action oriented roles.

In 2020 she decided to combine her professional skills with her passion for fitness & wellness by joining The Fitness Project Inc.

Her values and lifestyle are well aligned with TFP’s programs and coaches’ personality. She finds it motivading to support and manage projects of a growing company with a team that strives to help others become the best version of themselves.

What brings her joy:  traveling, running, HIIT workouts, coffee, snowboarding, chocolate, learning new healthy recipes, the beach, her family, and dogs.


We’re here to support you.