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“We are coaches who teach you how to change your body and master your mind. We believe that fitness and health are the core of our personal growth.

We know that by mastering the way you look and feel, you perform at your best across all areas of life, and that is what we want for you.

Your coaches,

Brian and Lindsey

We don’t create programs, we create…




Now, don’t get us wrong, we want you to get healthy, but we also want you to get exactly what you want. Whether you want to have a leaner body, more energy, or run a 5k, it matters to us that you achieve these targets and then continue improving once you do. 



The true benefit of getting fit and healthy is that you raise the quality of your life. We approach your physical goals from a holistic perspective knowing that how you feel, physically and mentally, is what allows you to experience a fuller and richer life, not just the number on the scale.



There is so much MORE to fitness than exercising and eating well. When you choose to improve your body, you will find that you demand more of yourself in all areas of life. We use tools of mindfulness and habit change to help you expand your mind and manage the stressors in life.

Ready to start your journey?

Each one of our clients becomes a part of our team.

We hope their results motivate and inspire you in your journey.

Jess Sullivan.

“The comparisons in my body are unbelievable! I have more energy and am less tired throughout the day. I was getting headaches pretty regularly which have went away almost completely since starting. I am more confident in and out of the gym and feel healthier, overall!”

Brittany Little.

I learned to love my fitness routine again and not just see it as a “to do” item on my list. I took time to dig into who I was internally, and I intentionally put myself outside of my comfort zone time and time again to show myself exactly what I am capable of.”

Dan Rush.

Over the course of my program, I lost 15 pounds! My mental health and ability to control my emotions has vastly improved as well! I have such a better relationship with food and have built so many great routines and habits!”

Lisa Anthony.

I am now getting out and moving, I have a higher sense of self worth, and am able to listen to what my body is telling me. I no longer feel guilty for having a sweet treat and finally feel I have a strong sense of self control!”

Dayna Dixon.

“This helped me find focus on not only my physical health, but helped me focus on my mental health and how to break bad habits but also find things that make me happy. After I started making these changes, I started LIVING again!”

Kirsten Bailey.

I was really able to solidify my health as a lifestyle. I really have an amazing relationship with mindfulness and meditation now and it’s helped me stay steady in all aspects of my life!”

Carolyn Hadjsak.

I shifted my mindset and built so much awareness. I now have a more positive mindset, I’m enjoying life and working out consistently. I am showing real progress again.”

Kasie Provencal.

This program gives you the pieces to the puzzle that you need to continue the rest of your life on this journey. Everything from mindfulness, food prep, understanding nutrition, to just being able to love yourself. If you’re considering joining, I highly encourage you to because at the end of it, you’re going to be an entirely new person.”

Josh Groleau.

“This program is more of a class on how to live a healthy life than just about losing weight. The ability for me to learn how to manage my habits in the process of getting healthy. I’ve lost over 65 pounds since starting with the Fitness Project, but overall, this program has changed my life and it’s been an incredible experience”

If they can do it we know you can too! 

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